What is Geomatics?

Geomatics can be described as a terrestrial science which incorporates fields such as GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, geography, surveying, and cartography to measure, manage, analyse and display spatial information relating to the natural and built environment.

What is Planning?

Persons in the industry of Planning have been called 'expert arrangers' who skillfully collect and analyse data to support land use planning decisions.  The field is wide indeed, encompassing a broad range of skills within many areas of specialization may be pursued and increasing levels of responsibility achieved. Such skills may involve Graphics presentation; Research; Data collection, compilation and analysis; Preparation of background studies; Writing and presentation of reports; GIS administration; and Development Control, to name a few.  In general terms, assistance in all levels of the process leading to the establishment of policies and by-laws, including their eventual administration.


A basic objective of the Association is to establish and promote principles and standards of conduct and competence in the field. The Association achieves this through the exchange of ideas and information between those working in various aspects of the field throughout the Atlantic Provinces; reviewing compilations of course elements to meet employer needs; and the delivery of annual workshops designed to meet the ever changing industry needs to provide its members with a comprehensive, on-going professional development program. Efforts are made to offer workshops in convenient locations and to keep costs to a minimum.