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GIS Best Practices

Head "back to school" with us Wednesday, Sept 13th, 12-2 pm and learn from Monica Beaton which factors are important for determining the long-term success of a GIS within an organization. Free for all; a Zoom link will be sent to AAGP members early next week (non-members can email for a link)

Virtual training poster: GIS Best Practices

What People Are Saying About Our Workshops

"It's so challenging to keep up to the ever-changing industry, these workshops are great to be exposed to these things. "
(2017 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"Exceptional value."
(2017 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"Thanks very much for a great and engaging workshop!"
(2016 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"Networking with other people in similar roles is always helpful
and sharing stories, experiences, and current projects."

(2016 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"Lab sessions are great for hands on experience of new technologies."
(2016 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"Hugely informative - so much great info!"
(2015 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"Overall, everything was useful."
(2015 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"I learned that GIS is more than parks, trees, and roads."
(2014 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"A good mix of topics, venues and lab/boardroom presentations."
(2013 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"This was by far the best conference yet."
(2013 workshop at NSCC COGS)

  "Excellent workshop with variety of topics, lab work and presentations."
(2012 workshop at NSCC COGS)

  "Great opportunity to network with peers."
(2012 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"...thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, learned a lot!"
(2011 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"Your format is great, hard to improve upon. This workshop has been
more helpful than any other I have attended to date."

(2011 workshop at NSCC COGS)

"Simply do what you're doing. Great work."
(2011 workshop at NSCC COGS)

About Our Workshops

Our workshops typically take place in June at the Centre of Geographic Sciences (NSCC COGS) in Lawrencetown (Annapolis Valley), Nova Scotia.
Occasionally, workshops are held in other locations within the Atlantic Provinces depending upon membership distribution and facility availability.

Some of the topics covered at past workshops include:

  • Integrating CAD Data with ArcGIS
  • Leveraging ArcGIS Solutions for Asset Management
  • Field Mapping Technologies
  • Supervised Land Use Classification
  • Working with LiDAR Data
  • What's New in ArcGIS & ArcMap Editing Tips and Tricks
  • ArcGIS Tools for Evaluating and Managing Watersheds
  • ArcGIS Viewshed Analysis
  • ArcGIS VBA Customization and Applications
  • Working with NS Community Counts Data
  • SketchUp Training (Basic and Advanced)
  • Statistics Canada GeoSuite Data and ArcGIS
  • Digital Elevation Modelling
  • Hydrological Modelling
  • River Flood Gradient Modelling
  • Storm Surge Flood Modelling
  • Municipal Water Supply Watershed Planning
  • Establishing and Maintaining Riparian Forest Buffers
  • Desktop Security Awareness
  • EMO - Emergency Scenario Training
  • Tours - NS EMO/EOC, NS Registry of Deeds, NS Geomatics Centre

AAGP workshops are sponsored by the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs and organized and operated with the assistance of the NSCC COGS.